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PLS 180G Green Cross-Line Laser Review

PLS 180G laser Review
The PLS 180G is a pro-grade self-leveling, cross line laser level that comes in both red and green.

I was impressed with the Kit, what was included, how robust the laser body was and most importantly how crisp and bright the green laser was.

The PLS 180G Kit has an IP 54 rating. The two digits classifies the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion into the tool enclosure.

• 5 = Limited protection against dust ingress.
• 4= Protected against splash water from any direction.

The PLS 180G laser is rated for 1/8” at 30-feet.

We tested accuracy at 30-feet confirming plumb and level lines with a Stabilia level that was also checked for accuracy.

It comes with a magnetic L-bracket, and the UB9 Universal Wall/Ceiling.

This PLS 180G laser is powered by 3AA batteries and is rated for a 3 hour plus runtime. We found this to be an accurate rating.

Over the last two or three years I’ve gotten the chance to review a dozen or so lasers and have come to the conclusion that I have a preference for green lasers.

Studies have shown green appears up to four times brighter than red to the human eye, which makes the lasers more visible on the jobsite.”

It’s hard NOT to love the sharp, crisp green lines. Their easy to see and really bright. I like the PLS Velcro protective case and all of the mounting options that come in the kit.

This PLS laser also has a receiver which will be helpful in bright environments.
The PLS 180G laser kit sells for $422.

For us, the biggest pet peeve with lasers is having to use disposable batteries.
It’s always a pain when we pull out our laser from the trailer and the battery is dead or only lasts a short while.

The devil advocate would argue that with AA batteries you can always get them. I’m not in that camp.

I’d like to see PLS come out with a rechargeable unit or batteries.
Maybe they can partner with a tool company and utilize their battery.

PLS laser levels are backed by a three-year warranty with same-day replacement by local dealers to minimize downtime.

These lasers new additions made a good laser even better, no doubt.

The green lines are super bright and crisp – its BEST feature!  

These new models are now more robust and job-site durable, and should give you years of reliable service.

The PLS 180 & PLS 3 Green Beam Laser Level Systems

In this video, you will learn about Pacific Laser System's PLS 180 Green Beam and PLS 3 Green Beam Laser Leveling Systems.

The PLS 180 Green Beam incorporates multipurpose, horizontal and vertical capabilities of the popular PLS 180 Red Beam but with added viability with green beam. The PLS 180 is ideal for interior installations at longer distances or interior projects with streaming sunlight.

Setting straight lines + right angles with PLS 180 is fast, reliable, has an accuracy of 1/8 inch at 30 feet, and has a range of 200 feet so you can start the job right away.

The PLS 3 Green Beam is a self leveling, point-to-point laser leveling system that provides extra visibility, perfect for longer range plumb and level reference. The PLS 3 Green Beam is ideal for drywall, staging, elevator, and electrical mechanical layout project settings.

Both the PLS 180 and PLS 3 use a high precision optical glass lenses and genuine semi conductor laser diodes to emit crisp, sharp laser beams for precise reference and alignment that can save you time and prevent costly errors.

Pacific Laser Systems; The Professional Standard in Construction Lasers.

For more information about the PLS 180 Green Beam Tool, visit the Pacific Laser System website here:

For more information about the PLS 3 Green Beam Tool, visit the Pacific Laser System website here:

PLS180 180 Degree Self Levelling Laser\r
This plumb, level and square laser line tool is brighter than most rotary lasers at a fraction of the cost




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